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Category: Advocacy

#Read2019: Book Reviews for January

It’s my seventh year doing this Reading Challenge and this year I thought of doing something different — to write monthly book review. I am targeting to read 50 books this year. Here are the books I have read last January 2019. This was actually recommended by one of my friends in business school. It took time for me to finish this book (bought this late last year but got busy with paperworks.) I heard about Nudge from friends taking marketing and economics classes at school. If you want to make mindful and better decisions in life, this book might…

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My Journey in Reading and the Joy I Found in Books

Fresh out of college, I moved to Cebu City in September 2009 after a few months break. I really wanted to move to Cebu because I do not want to deal again with the prior experience I had in Metro Manila — the traffic, expensive costs of living, and the fast-moving life. I thought Cebu will be a little less of that — manageable, relax, and more close to home. I was hired by a local IT outsourcing company as a web developer. Fast forward to 2011, I resigned and I started a small software outsourcing company since one of…