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Happy 2019! Now back to blogging…

So, business school is over; I graduated last December 2018 (I will write a separate blog entry about my b-school journey later this month.)  I thought of going back to blogging after quite some time to share again my thoughts to you. Hmmm… maybe after five years, I think. As far as I can recall, I stopped blogging when I worked for Google in 2013. And life happened. B-school happened. I got occupied and lazy to write.

And a lot happened in between years. In 2016 and 2017, I attempted to blog again when I started b-school to share my learnings and journey regularly. But working and studying at the same time was not easy.

But I am happy to share that my short-term (or long-term — depending on how you qualify the length) goals, which I planned when I was twenty-eight years old, got into reality. Only a few of my close friends know about it but I am sharing this to you anyway…

  • ✅ To try the start-up life, put up a start-up company
  • ✅ To go earn masters degree, either MSCS or MBA, and graduate by age thirty-five
  • ✅ To work for Google

All these happened with a lot of determination, inspiration, sacrifices, and courage; help from family and friends also geared me to face all the obstacles and failures along the way. It was not an easy journey but I enjoyed it, especially the new people I have met which later became work colleagues and friends (and best friends.) Along with this journey, I discovered a lot about myself — the things that I am passionate about, the values that really matter to me, and new skills developed. I am excited to share all these in my future posts.

During the Christmas and New Year break, I was supposed to come up with a plan for my next short-term and long-term goals, for the next five years until I reach forty. I have a couple of things in mind but I was not able to finalize it as of yet; I am still working on the timing and prioritization. For the time being, I will keep it to myself. But for sure 2019 is an exciting year and I am excited. I hope you are, too! =D

Let me end this first entry for 2019 with a quote from a book entitled “The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World” by Dalai Lama XIV, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams — “Nothing Beautiful Comes Without Some Suffering.” I will write my reflection about this line in the near future… so stay tuned!

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